South Bay Medal of Valor


In the firefighter and police officer professions, where the dramatic is commonplace and action is a way of life, many heroic acts go unnoticed in the normal performance of duties. This Medal of Valor Awards program is intended to attract community recognition and attention to the South Bay’s outstanding police and fire departments, and to honor their exceptional individuals.

The Medal of Valor is awarded to individual police officers and firefighters who have distinguished themselves by bravery, heroism or other outstanding meritorious actions beyond the normal demands of protection service. The primary distinction for purposes of awarding the Medal of Valor is the imminent threat of great bodily harm or loss of life to the officer, a colleague, or a citizen.

The Medal of Valor Committee of the joint South Bay area Chambers of Commerce (including El Segundo, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Torrance) cooperates with police and fire departments in awarding the Medal of Valor. To maintain the high standards set for the award, nominees are carefully selected by senior officers in their departments. Those deemed worthy of recognition are screened by the department chief for approval.

These awards are given with the knowledge that the acts being recognized are but a minute portion of the outstanding work performed by members of South Bay area police and fire departments.